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Our Workshops

A quick look at our workshops

The items sold by Le Rosier d’Or are made in large part by the members of the Community of the Sons and Daughters of Mary. An integral part of the Work of the Lady of All Peoples, the Community was founded in Quebec City on May 31, 1981.
In order to provide for their own needs without living at the expense of the Work, the Community members set up different workshops in which they make a variety of religious articles linked to the Work’s spirituality.

Statue workshop “The Sons of Mary – Jean-Raphael”

Several Sons of Mary are actively involved in the statue workshop at Marienthal at Lac-Etchemin where they make statues and statuettes in urethane, starting with the preparation of the molds all the way to making the actual statue. There are a variety of different kinds of statues available: white or in colour, for indoor or outdoor use.

Besides this, the statue workshop also repairs damaged statues, giving them back their original beauty. This task is entrusted to artists in the Community of the Sons of Mary and their workshop is located at Lac-Etchemin.

The “M.-A. Domina” handicraft workshop

Having artistic talents, a few Sisters Daughters of Mary  are involved in various handicrafts: oil, watercolor or pastel paintings; the making of statuettes, little angels and various religious articles.

Among the items they make, there are hand-crafted greeting cards with colour photos and verses inside, providing a wide choice for all occasions. Framed pictures and laminated plaques, a variety of holy pictures, writing paper with spiritual thoughts, calendars, statues or statuettes, and decorative candles are also among the items available.

The Daughters of Mary also make a whole series of items linked to the Lady of All Peoples: statues, medals, cards, laminated paintings, holy pictures with the Lady’s prayer on the back in different languages, bookmarks, key chains and other keepsakes.

Candle-making workshop – Liturgical and other candles

A few Sons of Mary are actively involved in candle-making. These candles are partially made from bees wax and hand-decorated. A variety of religious subjects are depicted on the candles which can be appropriate for different occasions (baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, marriages, anniversaries, etc.) or for particular devotions.

They are made in such a way that they can be used for a long time, since only a small votive light set inside the candle burns.

Rosary-making workshop “Le Rosaire”

During their novitiate, the Community members learn how to make rosaries. Mother Paul-Marie, the Foundress of the Works, strongly encouraged this practice in order to foster the praying of the rosary, a prayer so dear to the Virgin, the Immaculate.

Later, as a result of a growing demand and a series of events, a special workshop was set up and the Daughters of Mary acquired an automated machine to standardize their fabrication and increase production. The Sons of Mary, on the other hand, continue to manually make rosaries, responding in this way to various requests.